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August 19 - 31, 2019

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Horses communicate with us all the time. Sometimes it's really obvious, other times, it's so subtle we miss it. Missing subtle communications can be problematic. A horse will only remain obedient until they become uncomfortable enough they cannot. Missing early signs of mental, physical or emotional stress often results in larger issues down the road: lameness, 'behavior' and 'training' problems, or stress related illnesses.

In this 2 week short course I'll outline, in detail, how I approach interacting with a horse from haltering through tacking up. Every horse, every time. When I demonstrate to my horse that I am listening, observant, and meticulous in developing our initial connection, they clearly communicate any issues that might get in the way of what I'd like to do with them that day.

Through detailed, daily, 20 minute videos, I'll take you step by step through the phases of this all important first interaction with your horse. What happens when we halter, lead, groom and tack up a horse sets the stage for the rest of the training session. If we give our horse a voice they share all the information we need to discover problems to address before we proceed to our daily training session.

Topics include:

  • How to tactfully palpate key zones of the head and body to help us pinpoint problem areas

  • Learn your horse’s subtle and not so subtle ways of communicating with you

  • Learn how to let your horse know that you recognize and understand what they are telling you

  • My step by step method for developing connection in a halter and lead that allows you to discover stiffness, lameness, and more using a simple figure eight pattern

  • How to let your horse guide you to help them unravel any issues discovered so the next step in the training process proceed in comfort and ease together.

Participants join the class via a private Facebook page. Videos will post each morning from August 19-31. A written workbook and audio file is included in the course material. There is no set meeting time so you can access the course material as it's convenient for you during each day. I encourage you to make the time during the course to follow along each day and apply the ideas to your time with your horse so that you can ask me questions during the course. At the end of the two weeks you will continue to have access to fellow course participants and all course content through the Facebook page.

Cost: $200.00

Limit: 30 participants

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You’re all set! Thank you! I look forward to our time together. Andrea

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Integrative Horsemanship Online Immersion

Welcome to the Integrative Horsemanship Online Immersion.

You are about to embark on a journey into what may be unfamiliar territory.  If we let them, horses are our best guides to access what James Hillman referred to as, ‘recovering the response of the heart to what is presented to the senses.’

Horses connect with the world around them and communicate through subtle means.  Together we step into their world and learn what it feels like to be in direct communication with each other and the world around us. With our horse's help we'll explore what it feels like to share movement as a way to communicate, connect and thrive!

Huey exploring the idea of being playful

Huey exploring the idea of being playful

2019 Series:  Beyond Body Language and Tango with Horses

This is an online class that is designed as a guided, but self-paced immersive experience. Course content consists of written material in the form of a downloadable, printable manual, audio recordings of written material with elaborations appropriate to the group, and video demonstrations relevant to class discussions. Students may choose to work on their own, participate in group discussions via a private Facebook group, or privately with me via email, phone or video conferencing. I work hard to make the experience work for the individual.

Some of our topics include:

  • How our body language influences our ability to connect and communicate with horses.

  • Learn how to expand your awareness and engage your senses to guide you, finding your own way with horses.

  • Where does movement come from? How do we initiate movement in ourselves and in our horses?

  • What are the qualities that make us magnetic leaders that horses follow willingly?

  • Learn about the things that disrupt our ability to move together in harmony and how to resolve them.

At the heart of all of this is learning to listen, to our horses and to our own heart.  A hallmark of truly effective horsemanship lies in embracing our unique voice as horse people. The confidence and peace that arise from owning our skill set and acting in ways true to ourselves translates to confident, peaceful partnerships with our horses. This is a class that supports each student to identify and develop their personal horsemanship style.

Below you’ll find two audio files if you’d like to learn more about my own journey and what I intend to share this year.


Tango with Horses: some years ago my husband and I began dancing Argentine Tango. It’s the first time I found something that was a perfect analogy for what I wanted my interactions with my horses to feel like. Here is the story of the first horse I tried this new idea with.

Beyond Body Language: how I came to understand and work with my senses on deeper levels. Includes a lot of my history and background with horses.

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Participation FOR NEW STUDENTS:

Students of the immersion have access to a private Facebook group where students can gather and learn from each other. They also have access to me privately if they prefer not to interact via Facebook. Immersion students have unlimited access to input from me throughout the year. 

price: $415

for returning students:

For students that participated in the 2018 year long immersion and want to remain part of the community. The insights of students that have been exploring these ideas are invaluable additions to the community. I find it takes more than a year to integrate all these ideas and implement them so you really benefit from continuing on.  Returning students participate along with the new students as review but this year the format will allow you to continue on from where you left off last year.

Price: $140


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