Andrea Datz Tango with Horses

South Carolina

Progressions and adaptability

September 28 and 29: unmounted workshop

Monday and Tuesday: private lessons

Registration closes Monday August 26, 2019

Link to registration form

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Details and registration:

September 28 and 29 Workshop: days run from approximately 9:00 am- 5:00 pm with a 1 hour lunch break and a short afternoon break. Snacks and water provided.

Location: 351 Robinson Road, Greer SC just off I-85 between Hwy 101 and Hwy 290.

Workshop Cost: $240/ Participants (15 minimum slots with a maximum of 20)

There will be no Auditors during the 2 day Workshop, but Auditing is available on lesson days following the clinic.

Lesson Days: individual lessons will be available for those who participated in the clinic or have worked with Andrea before. Priority (time and location) given to clinic attendees. *Currently Monday’s Lessons will be at the same location in Greer and Tuesday’s Lessons in McConnell’s SC.*

Cost per Lesson (1 Hour): $140.00

A $75.00 (the deposit) handling fee will be deducted from that refund. Should the event need to be canceled, refunds less unrecoverable losses will be made. Clinic Reservations will be held once Deposit, Registration and Release has been completed and received. Balance is due at least 30 days prior to clinic date August 28, 2019).

Cancellation Policy: Clinic will be held rain or shine. In the event you need to cancel, a refund will be given only if your reserved slot is filled at least 30 days prior to the clinic.

A little more about the workshop:

Tango with Horses is an invitation to embrace slow horsemanship. Slow horsemanship is a call to embody sustainable, ethical ways of relating to horses, to our own needs, and to the environment as a whole. This is an invitation to join the intimate dance of life going on all around us, gain access to instinct, intuition, and the confidence to follow our unique path.

We all have goals with our horses. From the getting to know you phase with a young or new horse, to solving problems with a long time friend, to reaching the next level in our partnership...

The key to making progress is first, knowing where to begin.Then, how do we break our goals down into steps that foster efficient, healthy movement? How do we progress in a way that builds confidence, trust and mutual enthusiasm for our shared experience?

The key to successfully progressing lies in our ability to adapt to what is presented from moment to moment. Adaptability is a skill we can develop that opens us to our intuition, our creativity, and connection to ourselves, our horses and the environment we move through. On a deeper level we improve our movement ability in functional ways that help us age better, retain our independence longer and have better quality of life.

The Saturday workshop is open to anyone. This is a non-horse day where we can focus on practicing and developing our own skills to take to our horses during the lesson days. We’ll spend time on a wide array of topics that encompass what I call ‘Slow Horsemanship’ or ‘Tango with Horses’. Students will learn how to embody the skills one needs to be a compassionate, effective horse person by developing tools that can be used in all of life, not just with your horses.

Private lesson days can be customized to suit the needs of participants. We'll apply the core concepts of progressions and adaptability to whatever presents: body work, ground work, work in hand, riding, and of course, developing our own body awareness, sensory awareness and movement aptitude.

Communication through movement in South Carolina

Communication through movement in South Carolina